How do I participate in the Nifty Royale battle (the “Battle”)?

  • You may participate in the Battle by purchasing a “base NFT” either from the initial sale on the Drops page or from other NFT collectors on the Battles page. Typically, a supply of 100 base NFTs are available for sale for each drop. When the initial sale is over, you are still eligible to participate in the Battle by acquiring one or more base NFTs from other collectors through OpenSeas from the Battles page as long as the Battle is not over yet.

What is a “base NFT”?

  • For each curated drop, 100 base NFTs are released for primary market sales. The base NFTs are minted from original artwork by the artist featured in the drop. In other words, these base NFTs are no different from other NFT collectibles that you may have purchased and can be traded on the secondary market.
  • One base NFT gives the owner one entry in the Battle.
  • The ownership of base NFTs can be transferred at any time. The Battles page doubles as a portal that facilitates peer to peer trading.

What’s the reward if I were to win the Battle?

  • The winner of the Battle is rewarded with an upgraded NFT that typically fuses the original artwork with animations and/or music and is the only one of its kind minted.

Is Nifty Royale simply a lottery?

  • No, Nifty Royale is not a lottery or raffle. The outcome may appear similar in the sense that only 1 out of X entries will be declared the winner in the end. However, the mechanics and dynamics of the game are drastically different.
  • With a lottery or raffle, the entries that you pay for, whether it is 1 USD or 1 ETH, is effectively worthless unless you win the prize. However, Nifty Royale constructs a no-loss prize pool with each drop. The participants maintain the ownership of base NFTs at the conclusion of the game and are free to sell their NFTs on the secondary market at any time.
  • Once the game starts, the 100 base NFTs will be randomly eliminated one by one. The eliminations are executed on the Ethereum blockchain and the source of randomization is verifiable and tamper-proof.
  • More importantly, the progress of the Battle can be monitored in real time by all the players, including those who haven’t been able to acquire a base NFT from the initial sale. As the Battle evolves with eliminations one by one, the players are free to either buy or sell base NFTs that remain in the game, based on their own judgement of the odds of winning the Battle.

What type of payments do you accept?

  • At the moment, we only accept payments in Ethereum through Metamask.